“You have made something beautiful and honest. I am enjoying the daily guidance.”
~Fay Hart, Author of “the Steps”

Hi! Thanks for looking at my bio page. My name is James Elmore, and I’m the author of The Presence Within: Channeled Guidance, a collection of channeled spiritual messages that I received and compiled over a three-year time span. The Presence Within is available both as an ebook and a hardcopy. I write about how and why that guidance started, how anyone can begin working with the process and my own observations on the material received.

“I’m reading your daybook suggestions and finding them a nice positive framing of the self I want to be. Thank you, James!
~Peter Carleton

I enjoy collaborating with others to heal, transform and empower through art and creativity.  I have an interdisciplinary background creating through visual art, acting and writing.

“I love your work! You send the world beauty. It’s deep, reflective and engaging. Wow!” ~Shannon Grissom

My digital artwork explores light and color – how it reflects, how it fills and makes objects glow, how it shimmers, sparkles and highlights edges. I made the cover art for The Presence Within, and Beautiful Music Together: Creating a Private Music Studio. My photography has been installed as healing images in hospitals via the Foundation of Photo/Art in Hospitals. 

“You are an excitingly dynamic contemporary abstract artist who combines a lot of light with bright color harmonies.” ~Jane Small

The next steps for me include workshops based on my book and helping people in recovery through emotional release techniques and qigong. 20151126_124347

I am a proud to be in community with other LGBTI people. I believe being gay is a gift that assists in  bridging male and female communications. I have also dealt with prejudice and that has strengthened my compassion in understanding minority stress and relating to people in other minority groups.

I help people to trust and empower their authentic selves.


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