Every Blessing!

“Choose to honor the messages as they are and release the ego’s fear of embarrassment, so that others may reflect on the love that continuously expresses from the spiritual plane.”

Welcome to my blog, I am an Author of The Presence Within: Channeled Guidance. Below you will find free excerpts from my book and my reflections on the guidance received, found only on this blog. Thank you for visiting!

Every Blessing
~James Elmore

Why Am I Really Here?


#Choose Love – August 21st – #Inspiration

August 21st

We encourage you to be willing to bring into your awareness the amazing power you are using by choosing to love. Continue to smile with your eyes and your heart in love with all you see.

The quote above is from The Messages: A Day Book section of The Presence Within: Channeled Guidance available in paperback and ebook.

I am absolutely thrilled to be sharing with you a technique created by Lincoln Gergar, The Channel Higher Self teacher. The 30 Day Love Challenge suggests we use the phrase, “How much can I love?,” as a mantra throughout the day. It continually returns one’s focus to loving optimally. I am seeing a profound change after only a few days. Try it for yourself!