The Presence Within: Channeled Guidance

“Thank you for The Presence Within 
It has helped me tremendously over the past weeks  
You’ve created beautiful, powerful healing”
~Fay Hart, author of The Steps

The Presence Within: Channeled Guidance, also available at Amazon as an ebook, contains four sections:

  1. My Story, which is a description of how the author began to receive the channeled messages.
  2. The Process, which details, step-by-step, how the reader can also begin to work with their guides and receive assistance.
  3. The Messages: A Day Book, has 366 channeled messages, one inspirational message for every day of the year.
  4. And lastly, Thoughts on Themes, an examination by the author of the spiritual themes most often communicated.

We all have the ability to connect

“This book is very well written. The simplicity of the words helps you to understand and know that guidance is out there for us, for everyone. James Elmore puts it into perspective, to help us know how to receive messages from the Divine. He shares his very own messages.

I recently lost my husband and I need this connection. I need to know my husband is now with his own guides and that I too have that connection. It’s comforting. Thank you James!”

~By Angela Kumbera
5.0 out of 5 stars |  January 20, 2015 | Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

I share uplifting messages given by my Spiritual Guides. These messages address such themes as love, service, blessings, manifestation, unity and awareness.


Profound Intelligence and Uncommon Courage

What an honest, insightful and revealing read! A journey worth taking! James Elmore lingers not; his focus is sure and coherent. A must read.

~By Beverly Short
5.0 out of 5 stars | April 22, 2015 | Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

A few examples of guidances received:

  • “Believe what you would enjoy to be your reality as already true, coming from a state of love for yourself and others.”
  • “Pleasure matters to you because the physical being understands the goodness of life through these sensations. The goodness of life is the benefit of living in alignment with the Presence of love. We say Presence because of the Divinity which exists through the expression of love. The Divinity exists regardless of the expression. See that Divine Being resides within regardless of the expression. Celebrate your ability to express love for the expression is the purpose of incarnation.”
  • “The heart’s power to heal self and others is far beyond what is currently understood or accepted. Your power is the best understanding you can have of the state of your heart. Heal your heart and allow it to shine and be amazed at your power.”

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